Ghanaian appointed as Prez of commonwealth dental association

A Ghanaian dentist, Dr Gilbert Aboryo Ankrah has been elected as president of Commonwealth Dental Association (CDA) at the biennial general meeting in San Francisco, USA.

He takes over as the President in September 2021. He has served as a president of the Ghana Dental Association (2011-2015), and being a former Vice President of the Commonwealth Dental Association for the West African Region (2015 – 2017) has been elected President-Elect of the Commonwealth Dental Association (CDA).

The Commonwealth Dental Association (CDA) was founded to promote Oral Health among the Commonwealth of Nations and in particular in the under-served and less-developed communities in collaboration with their National Dental Associations and the respective Commonwealth Governments, that was in the 1970s.

Also, CDA is an association of dental associations, which aims to improve dental and oral health in Commonwealth countries by raising the skills of dental professionals and increasing the awareness of oral health.


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